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About SHOT

Our Vision

At SHOT, we envision a future where sport is a universal thread in the fabric of society. It's about more than competition; it's about fostering a sense of belonging, enhancing well-being, and bridging divides.


Our vision is to see every community engaged in sport, where talent is nurtured, and opportunities are as abundant as the passion for the game

Our Mission

Our mission at SHOT is clear: break down barriers in sport. We're here to ensure that everyone, from eager novices to seasoned players, has access to quality sporting experiences.


We believe in the transformative power of sport – it's a tool for social change, personal development, and community building.


SHOT is committed to making this a reality through our programs, outreach, and partnerships.

Our Values


At the heart of SHOT lies a commitment to inclusivity.

We believe sport should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of background, ability, or age.

This value drives us to create programs and environments that are welcoming and supportive.


Our focus on community is about creating spaces where people can come together, share experiences, and support one another.

Sport has the power to unite, and at SHOT, we're fostering these connections every day.


We champion resilience, both on and off the field.

Sport teaches us to face challenges head-on, to learn from failure, and to celebrate success.

It's about building mental and physical strength and using it to overcome obstacles


Striving for excellence is not just about winning games; it's about setting high standards, constantly improving, and always giving our best.

Whether it's in coaching, player development, or community engagement, we aim for the highest quality.

The Team

Dedication. Experience. Passion.

SHOT's roots are deeply embedded in our personal journeys with sport. For us, sport has been a cornerstone – shaping our careers, forging lasting friendships, and teaching invaluable life lessons.


Our experiences, especially in girls' football and futsal, have shown us the immense impact sport can have. It's more than just a game; it's a pathway to opportunities, a source of joy, and a builder of character.


This understanding fuels our drive to extend these benefits to others. SHOT is our way of giving back, of using sport as a vehicle for positive change, and of helping others find the same fulfillment and opportunities we have experienced.


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